Journal Articles


(0637) Plastic ingestion by planktivorous fishes in the North Pacific Gyre. Request Only. 2010. CM Boerger, GL Lattin, SL Moore, CJ Moore. Marine Pollution Bulletin 60:2275-2278. ABSTRACT


(0389) A comparison of neustonic plastic and zooplankton abundance in southern California's coastal waters. Request Only. 2002. CJ Moore, SL Moore, SB Weisberg, GL Lattin, AF Zellers. Marine Pollution Bulletin 44:1035-1038.


(0354) A comparison of plastic and plankton in the North Pacific Central Gyre. Request Only. 2001. CJ Moore, SL Moore, MK Leecaster, SB Weisberg. Marine Pollution Bulletin 42:1297-1300. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0505) Southern California Bight 2003 Regional Monitoring Program: IV. Demersal Fishes and Megabenthic Invertebrates. 2007. MJ Allen, T Mikel, D Cadien, JE Kalman, ET Jarvis, KC Schiff, DW Diehl, SL Moore, S Walther, G Deets, C Cash, S Watts, DJ Pondella II, V Raco-Rands, C Thomas, R Gartman, L Sabin, W Power, AK Groce, JL Armstrong. Technical Report 505. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. PREVIEW


(0380) Southern California Bight 1998 Regional Monitoring Program: V. Demersal fishes and megabenthic invertebrates. 2002. MJ Allen, AK Groce, D Diener, JS Brown, SA Steinert, G Deets, JA Noblet, SL Moore, DW Diehl, ET Jarvis, V Raco-Rands, C Thomas, Y Ralph, R Gartman, D Cadien, SB Weisberg, T Mikel. Technical Report 380. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Westminster, CA. PREVIEW
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