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(1008) A human fecal contamination score for ranking recreational sites using the HF183/BacR287 quantitative real-time PCR method. 2018. Y Cao, M Sivaganesan, CA Kelty, D Wang, A Boehm, JF Griffith, SB Weisberg, OC Shanks. Water Research 128:148-156. ABSTRACT
(1006) Predicting Hydromodification in Streams using Non-Linear Memory Based Algorithms. A Southern California case study. 2018. A Sengupta, RJ Hawley, ED Stein. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000853. ABSTRACT


(1009) An evaluation of potentiometric pH sensors in coastal monitoring applications. 2017. K McLaughlin, MP Nezlin, SB Weisberg, AG Dickson, JA Booth, CL Cash, A Feit, JR Gully, S Johnson, A Latker, MJ Mengel, GL Robertson, A Steele, L Terriquez. Limnology and Oceaqnography: Methods. 15:679-689. ABSTRACT
(1007) Child environmental exposures to water and sand at the beach: Findings from studies of over 68,000 subjects at 12 beaches. 2017. S DeFlorio-Barker, BF Arnold, EA Sams, AP Dufour, JM Colford, Jr., SB Weisberg, KC Schiff, TJ Wade. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. doi:10.1038/jes.2017.23. ABSTRACT
(1004) Exposure history determines pteropod vulnerability to ocean acidification along the US West Coast. 2017. N Bednaršek, RA Feely, N Tolimieri, AJ Hermann, SA Siedlecki, GG Waldbusser, P McElhany, SR Alin, T Klinger, B Moore-Maley, HO Pörtner. Scientific Reports. 7:4526. ABSTRACT
(1003) In Some Places, In Some Cases, And At Some Times, Harmful Algal Blooms Are The Greatest Threat To Inland Water Quality. 2017. BW Brooks, JM Lazorchak, MDA Howard, MV Johnson, SL Morton, DAK Perkins, ED Reavie, GD Scott, SA Smith, JA Stevens. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 36:1125-1127. ABSTRACT
(1001) Novel analyses of long-term data provide a scientific basis for chlorophyll-a thresholds in San Francisco Bay. 2017. M. Sutula, R. Kudela, JD Hagy III, LW Harding Jr., D Senn, JE Cloern, S Bricker, GM Berg, M Beck. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 197:107-118. ABSTRACT
(0999) Regional Assessment of Human Fecal Contamination in Southern California Coastal Drainages. 2017. Y Cao, MR Raith, PD Smith, JF Griffith, SB Weisberg, A Schriewer, A Sheldon, C Crompton, GG Amenu, J Gregory, J Guzman, KD Goodwin, L Othman, M Manasjan, S Choi, S Rapoport, S Steele, T Nguyen, X Yu. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph14080874.. ABSTRACT
(0997) Microcystin Prevalence throughout Lentic Waterbodies in Coastal Southern California. 2017. MDA Howard, C Nagoda, RM Kudela, K Hayashi, A Tatters, DA Caron, L Busse, JS Brown, M Sutula, ED Stein. Toxins. DOI:10.3390/toxins9070231 . ABSTRACT
(0996) Derivation and Evaluation of Putative Adverse Outcome Pathways for the Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Reproductive Processes in Female Fish. 2017. D Martinovic-Weigelt, AC Mehinto, GT Ankley, JP Berninger, TW Collette, JM Davis, ND Denslow, EJ Durhan, E Eid, DR Ekman, KM Jensen, MD Kahl, CA LaLone, Q Teng, DL VIlleneueve. Toxicological Sciences 156:344-61. ABSTRACT