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(1036) A freshwater conservation blueprint for California: prioritizing watersheds for freshwater biodiversity. 2018. JK Howard, KA Fesenmyer, TE Grantham, JH Viers, PR Odes, PB Moyle, SJ Kupferburg, JL Furnish, A Rehn, J Slusark, RD Mazor, NR Santos, RA Peek, AN Wright. Freshwater Science DOI:10.1086/697996. ABSTRACT
(1035) Evaluating and managing environmental water regimes in a water-scarce and uncertain future. 2018. JG Kennen, ED Stein, JA Webb. Freshwater Biology DOI: 10.1111/fwb.13104. ABSTRACT
(1033) Recent advances in environmental flows science and water management—Innovation in the Anthropocene. 2018. AH Arthington, JG Kennen, ED Stein, JA Webb. Freshwater Biology DOI:10.1111/fwb.13108. ABSTRACT
(1030) Effect of non-native versus native invaders on macrophyte richness: are carp and bullheads ecological proxies?. 2018. PG Bajer, M Beck, PJ Hundt. Hydrobiologia DOI: ABSTRACT
(1028) Adaptation and application of multivariate AMBI (M-AMBI) in US coastal waters. 2018. MC Pelletier, DJ Gillett, A Hamilton, T Grayson, V Hansen, EW Leppo, SB Weisberg, A Borja. Ecological Indicators 89:818-827. ABSTRACT
(1027) Extending Esri Geoportal Server to Meet the Needs of the West Coast Ocean Data Network and Inform Regional Ocean Management. 2018. T Hallenbeck, SJ Steinberg, A Lanier, T Welch. pp.167-183 in:Ocean Solutions Earth Solutions: Second Edition. Dawn J. Wright (ed). ABSTRACT
(1026) Quantification of pathogens and markers of fecal contamination during storm events along popular surfing beaches in San Diego, California. 2018. JA Steele, AD Blackwood, JF Griffith, RT Noble, KC Schiff. Water Research 136:137-149. ABSTRACT
(1025) The combined effects of acidification and hypoxia on pH and aragonite saturation in the coastal waters of the California current ecosystem and the northern Gulf of Mexico. 2018. RA Feely, RR Okazaki, WJ Cai, N Bednarsek, SR Alin, RH Bryne, A Fassbender. Continental Shelf Research 152:50-60. ABSTRACT
(1023) Seabirds as regional biomonitors of legacy toxicants on an urbanized coastline. 2018. CA Clatterbuck, RL Lewison, NG Dodder, C Zeeman, K Schiff. Science of the Total Environment DOI: ABSTRACT
(1022) Advancing the Use of Passive Sampling in Risk Assessment and Management of Sediments Contaminated with Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals: Results of an International Ex Situ Passive Sampling Interlaboratory Comparison. 2018. MTO Jonker, SA van der Heijden, D Adelman, JN Apell, RM Burgess, Y Choi, LA Fernandez, GM Flavetta, U Ghosh, PM Gschwend, SE Hale, M Jalalizadeh, M Khairy, MA Lampi, W Lao, R Lohman, MJ Lydy, KA Maruya, SA Nutile, AMP Oen, MI Rakowska, D Reible, TP Rusina, F Smedes, Y Wu. Environmental Science and Technology DOI:10.1021/acs.est.7b05752. ABSTRACT