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(0990) Increasing probability of mortality during Indian heat waves. 2017. O Mazdiyasni, A AghaKouchak, SJ Davis, S Madadgar, A Mehran, E Ragno, M Sadegh, A Sengupta, S Ghosh, CT Dhanya, M Niknejad. Science Advances. ABSTRACT
(0989) Multiple Stressors at the Land-Sea Interface: Cyanotoxins at the Land-Sea Interface in the Southern California Bight. 2017. AO Tatters, MDA Howard, C Nagoda, L Busse, AG Gellene, DA Caron. Toxins 9:95. ABSTRACT
(0986) Acute Illness Among Surfers After Exposure to Seawater in Dry- and Wet-Weather Conditions. 2017. BF Arnold, KC. Schiff, A Ercumen, J Benjamin-Chung, JA.Steele, JF Griffith, SJ Steinberg, P Smith, CD McGee, R Wilson, C Nelsen, SB Weisberg, JM Colford, Jr.. American Journal of Epidemiology DOI: 10.1093/aje/kwx019. ABSTRACT
(0985) Measuring freely dissolved DDT and metabolites in seawater using solid-phase microextraction with performance reference compounds. Request Only. 2017. K Lin, W Lao, Z Lu, F Jia, K Maruya, J Gan. Science of the Total Environment ABSTRACT
(0984) Effect of freshwater sediment characteristics on the persistence of fecal indicator bacteria and genetic markers within a Southern California watershed. Request Only. 2017. AG Zimmer-Faust, V Thulsiraj, C Marambio-Jones, Y Cao, JF Griffith, PA Holden, JA Jay. Water Research ABSTRACT
(0982) Response of phytoplankton and bacterial biomass during a wastewater effluent diversion into nearshore coastal waters. Request Only. 2017. DA Caron, AG Gellene, J Smith, EL Seubert, V Campbell, GS Suhatme, B Seegers, BH Jones, AAY Lie, R Terrado, MDA Howard, RM Kudela, K Hayashi, J Ryan, J Birch, E Demir-Hilton, K Yamahara, C Scholin, M Mengel, G Robertson. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 186:223-236. ABSTRACT
(0981) Evaluation of uptake kinetics during a wastewater diversion into nearshore coastal waters in southern California. Request Only. 2017. RM Kudela, MDA Howard, K Hayashi, C Beck. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 186:237-249. ABSTRACT
(0980) Death from below: Investigation of inhibitory factors in bloom development during a wastewater effluent diversion. Request Only. 2017. RM Kudela, AJ Lucas, K Hayashi, M Howard, K McLaughlin. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 186:209-222. ABSTRACT
(0975) An evaluation of ISFET sensors for coastal pH monitoring applications. Request Only. 2017. K McLaughlin, A Dickson, SB Weisberg, K Coale, V Elrod, C Hunter, KS Johnson, S Kram, R Kudela, T Martz, K Negrey, U Passow, F Shaughnessy, JE Smith, D Tadesse, L Washburn, KR Weis. Regional Studies in Marine Science 12:11-18. ABSTRACT