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(1001) Novel analyses of long-term data provide a scientific basis for chlorophyll-a thresholds in San Francisco Bay. 2017. M. Sutula, R. Kudela, JD Hagy III, LW Harding Jr., D Senn, JE Cloern, S Bricker, GM Berg, M Beck. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 197:107-118. ABSTRACT
(0999) Regional Assessment of Human Fecal Contamination in Southern California Coastal Drainages. 2017. Y Cao, MR Raith, PD Smith, JF Griffith, SB Weisberg, A Schriewer, A Sheldon, C Crompton, GG Amenu, J Gregory, J Guzman, KD Goodwin, L Othman, M Manasjan, S Choi, S Rapoport, S Steele, T Nguyen, X Yu. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph14080874.. ABSTRACT
(0997) Microcystin Prevalence throughout Lentic Waterbodies in Coastal Southern California. 2017. MDA Howard, C Nagoda, RM Kudela, K Hayashi, A Tatters, DA Caron, L Busse, JS Brown, M Sutula, ED Stein. Toxins. DOI:10.3390/toxins9070231 . ABSTRACT
(0996) Derivation and Evaluation of Putative Adverse Outcome Pathways for the Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Reproductive Processes in Female Fish. 2017. D Martinovic-Weigelt, AC Mehinto, GT Ankley, JP Berninger, TW Collette, JM Davis, ND Denslow, EJ Durhan, E Eid, DR Ekman, KM Jensen, MD Kahl, CA LaLone, Q Teng, DL VIlleneueve. Toxicological Sciences 156:344-61. ABSTRACT
(0995) High throughput in vitro and in vivo screening of inland waters of Southern California. 2017. AC Mehinto, DR VanDervort, W Lao, G He, MS Denison, SM Vliet, DC Volz, RD Mazor, KA Maruya. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 19:1142-1149. ABSTRACT
(0993) Anthropogenic Threats to Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams. 2017. MC Chiu, C Leigh, RD Mazor, Nuria Cid, V Resh. pp 433-454 in:Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams - Ecology and Managament. Thibault Datry, NĂºria Bonada and Andrew Boulton (eds.). Academic Press. ABSTRACT
(0992) Application of regional flow-ecology relationships to inform watershed management decisions: Application of the ELOHA framework in the San Diego River watershed, California, USA. 2017. ED Stein, A Sengupta, RD Mazor, K McCune, BP Bledsoe, K McCune, S Adams. Ecohydrology. ABSTRACT
(0990) Increasing probability of mortality during Indian heat waves. 2017. O Mazdiyasni, A AghaKouchak, SJ Davis, S Madadgar, A Mehran, E Ragno, M Sadegh, A Sengupta, S Ghosh, CT Dhanya, M Niknejad. Science Advances 3:e1700066. ABSTRACT
(0987) Coliphages and gastrointestinal illness in recreational waters: pooled analysis of six coastal beach cohorts. 2017. J Benjamin-Chung, BF Arnold, TJ Wade, KC Schiff, JF Griffith , AP Dufour, SB Weisberg, JM Colford, Jr.. Epidemiology DOI: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000000681. ABSTRACT